So I need to sell my dolls since I am moving out sometime this year…and I want to have as much funds as possible. It’s hard to get the time in to work on them, so now that I’ve put this one back together I just want to sell her as is. I had planned to make a stand and a hat for her, but it probably will never happen, so there you go. I need to get working on those blythes and just want to get my pullip out of the way.

Basic details: She is a romantic alice pullip, with slight customizations. Firsty I’ve replaced her body with an obitsu 27cm white small bust body. I left her original faceup as it was quite nice, but added freckles, a mole, and more blush. Also did her eyelids a khaki/olive green. All using chalk pastels and sealed in Mr Super Clear matte. Her eyelashes are replaced with brown eyelashes, I also replaced her eyechips to a nice plum colour, the same as her hair (eyechips by coolcat). Her wig is a heat resistant leekeworld wig, in a limited colour…I think it was called misty brown. Her wig isn’t glued on, but held on with velcro that is stuck to her head.

Her outfit is the romantic alice base dress, but I have made it brown and added some brown ribbon details to the hem, sleeves and collar. She has been wearing this dress for about a year, with no staining issues. She also comes with pommepomme bloomers & scarf, azone khaki knit tights, and momoko heels. I had altered the tights to fit blythe, so now they are a bit short in the crotch, but since she’s wearing bloomers over them you can’t tell.

ISSUES: When I transferred her to the obitsu body, I found her head now wobbles and also makes a creaking noise when you move it. Nothing is broken, I’m pretty sure the obitsu body just can’t support the weight of the wig. The body has an inner skeleton and the neck has a joint in it to let it move, and isn’t made for massive heads like Pullip has. I’m not sure if there is any way to fix this, and since I don’t have the time to figure it out, she is just coming this way. It’s not really that much of a problem, at least to me, but I thought I should mention it. (it’s not like her head can fall off or anything) And in fact, all of the joints of the obitsu body are pretty creaky, i think that’s just how they are…

I’ll throw in a stand, but it’s not her default stand, it’s an obitsu translucent grey stand. But hey at least it’s something?

I’m asking $250 + shipping (I’m in Canada)…if you’re in Toronto and want to pick her up locally let me know, I am open to that. 
I need the money a.s.a.p. so I’d prefer not to take holds or layaway on her, it’s first come first serve. Payment to be made by paypal.

Um yeah if you have any questions, send me an ask message? If i don’t reply within 24 hours, try sending again, sometimes tumblr messaging doesn’t work so well. 


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